Strategy Management and operations

‘Our strategic plan is too vague and does not make real choices’

‘Nobody really uses that strategic plan – it’s been left on the shelf, collecting dust’

Sound familiar? Well – you are not the only one. A high percentage of organisations, be it in the profit or the not-for-profit sector, has serious problems in implementing their strategic plans. This is where careful operational planning and strategy management comes in.

Sometimes it actually makes sense to defer some key organisational choices to the operational level. In all cases longer term ambitions and tactical opportunities need to be carefully balanced. And in any case where there is a plan but management does not have the time, interest or support to make it work, effectiveness will not be as high as it could be.

Managing your strategy and implementing your plan touches upon many core functions of your organisation. My approach is to help you to make the small, pragmatic and workable steps that will gradually improve your organisation’s approach to planning.