Making Sense of Strategy

Strategy comes in many shapes and sizes. In the current world where external environments change so fast, it is often beneficial to first look at your ‘business model’ – the way your organization aims to achieve its mission. Is that still the best way? Will it be so 5 years from now? Strategy can also be about setting the course for the next 4-6 years and building a strategic plan. Or it could be with a campaign, a program or a new area of work where your needs in terms of strategy lie.

In all cases, strategy is a matter of the difficult art of asking simple questions: Why do we actually do this? Can we make explicit how it should work? How will it work in practice? Who will benefit? What will be the balance between flexibility and long term commitments?

Steen Consultancy has the experience of tackling business models or setting up specific work programs, taking that reflective ‘step back’ and looking at the bigger picture, both in large intergovernmental organisations and small NGOs. Our application of a visual approach can help you to quickly ‘see’ and easily share your strategy

Getting your strategy right releases new energy in your organisation or program – I can help.