Facing your Futures: scenario planning

Your organisation is operating in times of unprecedented change. Depending on your area of work it can be social change, technological change or the seismic shifts that we currently see in the global balance of power. These changes may push you to change your tactics, your strategy or even the fundamentals of your business model.

Scenario planning helps you to better understand the changes that are coming your way. It can bring order to the apparent chaos of forces -social, technological, political – affecting your work and make sense of conflicting and uncertain narratives about the future of your field of work.

Steen Consultancy can facilitate scenario planning exercises ranging from the ‘light’ approach in which a well prepared day of creative work can give you at least a good sense of relevant issues and trends, to more rigorous approaches that can lead to well developed scenarios that can be used to underpin strategic planning and decision-making.

Most of all – making scenarios with your team is fun! – it will help you to finally have that strategic conversation you have been planning to have for so long.

New to scenarios? Find out more.

When you are new to scenario development it can sometimes be a bit unclear what scenarios are supposed to do and how you could use and build them. Please find a short primer here.

The Global Engagement Scenarios

In what ways will people be active for a better world in 2020? That was the focal question in a scenario exercise that was done at Amnesty International. The ensuing scenario-set has been published by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee in the report of the conference on ‘the Future of Human Rights in Europe’.  In the context of the NHC conference the scenarios were used to discuss the relevance of the human rights approach in a possible world where people are looking for deep systemic change in the face of social, economical, political and ecological challenges.

Click here to view the relevant parts of the report in PDF format.