Steen Consultancy

Steen Consultancy can work with you on shaping the future of your not-for-profit organisation. I can provide the following products and services:

  • Scenario Development – Building maps and narratives that will help you come to grips with a rapidly changing and perhaps confusing external environment.
  • Strategy Design – Building a new strategic plan. Or, more fundamentally, looking at your ‘business model’, your overall approach to achieving your mission.
  • Strategy Implementation¬†– Moving from plans to operations, from words to action.
  • Evaluation – Identifying lessons learned and turning them into action plans.
  • Process and Meeting Facilitation – Making sure you focus on content and that targets are met – on time.

Get in touch so we can discuss your needs. I always aim to help you in a practical and pragmatic way, with small and realistic steps, with a sense of humour and a human touch. And in all our activities we will try to look beyond the ripples on the surface or the waves that may currently surround you. I will help you identify the swell – those long waves which may not even be visible at first sight – but which may have the furthest reach.